The Haas Group, LLC was established in 2001 by CEO, Nancy Haas. Today, Nancy has grown her company to include a team with a cumulative 44 years in sales. "Real Estate Happens because Life happens." says Haas, " it begs the question, 'what's your next life event?'" Haas goes on to say, "every transition triggers great change... that's where The Haas Group comes in." Nancy, born and raised in New York, moved to The Main Line as a young woman to raise her family. Her children attended public as well as private school and she even homeschooled her son and daughter for a number of years. She had Real Estate in her blood, early one, evident by her passion to live in and restore homes in; Radnor, Devon, Wayne, Penn Valley and currently, Center City, Philadelphia, over a period of thirty years. Nancy holds a certification from the Option Institute and Autism Treatment Center Of America, as a counselor. "My certification comes in handy when tears begin to flow for clients making enormous changes in their lives. Even happy changes can hold an element of fear in them" says Haas. All this and her recent move, after 4 years in New York City as an award winning writer and Indie Film Maker, inform her work as a top Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. "Writing, staging, and directing a film is much like writing a contract, staging a home and directing the entire Real Estate transaction. Hundreds of moving parts, personalities and issues to manage and solve, mixed in with complex emotions from all those involved. Both the seller and the buyer have a lot of money at stake and everyday is a new challenge", says Haas. "One must have clarity of purpose and be the calm amid the storm, otherwise no one is in charge. Directing the big picture, with all it's moving parts is my greatest strength." Haas smiles then adds, "Next you'll ask my greatest weakness. I probably care too much about all the people we serve. Eventually a home sells or a buyer buys, and I have to let go...the rest of the movie gets made without me." Haas finishes with a twinkle in her eye, "I just want to make this part of your home movie for you, so the rest can be made by you. LIGHTS, SOUND, CAMERA ROLLING - and ... ACTION!!"