In 2009 Erica Deuschle was a new mom and wanted to change the course of her career and personal life. With the utmost support of her husband and family Erica took the leap of faith and began her real estate life. It's not a "job" its a way of life. The core of Erica Deuschle and Co. is to help as many people as possible. Striving to be exceptional listeners and helping people is what the business is all about. Erica's business has always been a referral based one. There is no stronger way to truly build a real estate business! Doing an incredible job for every client and the utmost attention to detail sets Erica apart. In building her team that has remained the most important focus. It's all about the right people. Quality over quantity is so important. Each member of Erica Deuschle and Co. are warm souls. They are kind. They are good listeners. Most of all they are honest and trustworthy. Each member of the team brings uniqueness which makes the team dynamic and fun! The heart of the team offers unparalleled good ethics, kindness, knowledge and trustworthiness. You will not be disappointed if you work with Erica or any of her team members!